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World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk Download Latest Version - ApkNic (1)

World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk: World War 2 offers an exhilarating experience where players can participate in real battles between countries. You will join one of two factions and have to complete various tasks to win.

Some advanced battlefields such as air, hills, plains or underwater are used. Long-term war plans must be developed now. The prizes you get when you win are huge.

Table of Contents

Join the fight with the main role

As a major war power, actors of World War II played an important role that determined the success of the war. You can now continue your epic story with this exciting game.

Heavy base materials give you more options to determine the battlefield, the number of troops involved, and the force to be deployed. The things that need to be worn must be prepared in advance, and you have some time to organize and start the game.

Intense 1v1 head-to-head combat captures your action with an overhead wraparound camera. From the third person point of view you can see everything that is going on in the process.

A counter-clock measures the amount of time that determines where the participating forces will stand. Players need to be well prepared when faced with attacks from multiple directions. The encounter ended only when one of the two confirmed defeat to get the last batch of vehicles and weapons.

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Explore different regions

Characteristic of the history of competition for influence in the region and the countries of the region, the fighting became fierce and took place on multiple battlefields.

It may be where hills rule, rivers flow or even an ambush from the sea. Players need to spend more money to buy a large number of warships or tanks. If the situation worsens, a special plane will come to your aid. We will ban everything.

The weapons used are all creations of the research laboratory. You have access to it if you go to the store and pay to use it. Different types of ammunition are suitable for each type of tank.

Soldiers deployed for combat were tasked with contacting opponents, pinning them down, or capturing them alive. From above, you rarely see planes dropping bombs in the sky. Let’s fight till the end to find the winner.

Destroy enemy attack plans

Because of World War II, all the armies involved in the war made very bold plans of attack. With the expected rewards of owning fertile, resource-rich land, you and other players try to claim it.

The position of strongest in the ranking list is still vacant. Who gets the right to sit in it? What do you have to do to achieve this? Everything will be understood when the fight starts.

Realistic and modern combat experience

World War 2 offers players a whole new experience both visually and audibly. With the enhanced display, all in-game actions come to life smoothly. You control the position of the battle army by moving your finger on the screen.

The beautiful 3D graphics technology can help you remember the stories that take place on the fierce battlefield every year for a long time. History repeats itself once again; Use your experience to claim dominance on global leaderboards!

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Key features

  • Build the most powerful army ever with unique characters, weapons and materials. Execute your plan from the beginning.
  • Add a range of new vehicles suited to any type of hazardous terrain, from mountainous terrain to underwater or airborne. Related weapons are also used.
  • Embark on a mission to fend off surprise enemy attacks, join the battle for the fertile, resource-rich land you dream of.
  • Compete on global leaderboards, which include a series of experiences and recorded achievements to help you complete your mission.
  • Experience the story especially with the inclusion of realistic presentation techniques and immersive sound, enjoy performance upgrades.

Mod Features

★ Multiplayer gameplay
★ No ads and popups
★ Removed banner ads
★ Unlimited money (cash)
★ Unlimited gold coins
★ Unlocked skins & pats
★ Unlocked characters
★ Unlimited coin boxes
★ Mod interface menu
★ Weapon Personalization
★ Amazing Matchcombat integration

What are the benefits and losses of downloading the World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk Latest?


  • Download any versions (old, second, and latest) anytime.
  • A Manual and automatic update option is available.
  • Any version of the program may be downloaded straight from third-party websites.
  • They may have app archives for most versions, which you may download if necessary.
  • To download and install (Google Play store or website) there is no need to wait for the verification procedure or anything else.
  • After finished downloading, your APK file has been saved on your memory card or in your system memory.
  • According to you, you may uninstall and reinstall as many times as you like without having to help with anything.
  • After downloading, you get all access.
  • Install any app and game anytime anywhere.


  • Google normally does not easily verify all programs downloaded from third-party sources.
  • Take granted permission for installing the app.
  • Some APK files may include viruses that steal/crash the data from your devices.
  • Some APK files include malware that deletes data from your phones.
  • Some other bugs have slowed the device’s speeds.

How to download World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk Latest?

Download here the 100% safe and working apk file. If you would like to download it(apk file & if need OBB file), just hit the download button and follow the steps below:

✓ Simply just clicks the download link or the download button.
✓ The link will then only open in a new tab.
✓ After clicking, you will start the countdown timer from 10 to 0.
✓ Show the download button again after the show.
✓ Just tap the download button.
✓ Your great download started quickly.
✓ After the download is complete.
✓ Save the application file to a separate file/folder on the PC storage device.

I recommend people check and download .apk and OBB files properly while downloading, this file is a genuine apk file and safe for our devices mobile, tablet, and computer. If you accidentally click on another additional file, stop quickly to protect your devices.

How to Install World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk Latest

For Android

  • Tap on the Recently downloaded link.
  • After tapping on Cancel and Install two options open.
  • Right-click Install.
  • Your installation has started.
  • Look for the button when you’re done and open it.
  • Just tap Run and use the installation.
  • Congratulations! installation was successful.

For Windows, MAC, Linux (PC & Laptop)

  • If you want to install World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk Latest on Computer/Laptop (Windows, Linux, MAC), then follow some processes. Download the .zip file of the app/game.
  • Just unzip it.
  • Find the .exe file.
  • Then run it.


Ques. Is World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk Latest a free app?

Ans. Yes, it’s available for free no cost or taxes.

Ques. How to download World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk Latest?

Ans. In this blog, we are given the Black rounded download button, simply click the button then after some seconds you can get the downloaded application file. Here we provide the virus-free and original apk files.

Ques. What is Apk (.apk) file?

Ans. The apk file is a software/file format for use in any app or playing the game. These we get after downloading. And the .apk file is an application extension that indicates the apk file format.

Ques. What apk file is safe for android, ios, and pc devices?

Ans. Of course, the original apk file is fully safe and secure. You can use the .apk file with a high level of confidence on android, ios, and pc windows.

Ques. How do I open a .apk file?

Ans. To open any app file you need to download, download first then open after you need to go to settings and allow the unknown sources. After enabling the sources you will open the apk file successfully.

Ques. Where can I get new and updated apps and games?

Ans. On you can get new and updated apps and games. Apknic is the store of android games, MOD apps, and the latest apps.

Ques. What are the advantages and disadvantages of downloading the World War 2:Strategy Battle v384 MOD Apk Latest?

Ans. Answer for this you need to scroll up and read carefully the advantages and disadvantages of downloading this apk.


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Tham Sy Ran ☛ I have played this game with Java for most of my life and have not been disappointed. The graphics are great and it’s not too dull. If there’s one thing I need to point out, it’s hand control. They work the same way but would be something as simple as a joystick ESC control plan

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Ain Raschk ☛ I like that I mean Fight Simulator because it can give you levels. And next is a good businessman and you can pick a superhero and you can take first place, second place, third place, or sixth place. And walking the dead, because you can write it and swords, weapons, and its emojis.

Satru Khare ☛ This game is really so good that you can even download it for his phone. And no advertising. My cell phone has only 2GB RAM in less cell phone. Play once you get a better experience. Games so your install or uninstall options.

Javines Jhos ☛ I like this game. I can play with my friends and family, the problem is that the controller sucks and it is very scary. Even when I set it I try to fix it and after a while, it will break completely. Please fix it. A lot of the reviews I read have the same problem as mine. Either way, I recommend it for users.

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